27th Letter is a full service, script-to-screen production company. Whether it’s features, shorts, commercials, music videos, etc.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with telling stories. As a child, this love was not constrained to one medium. Books, poetry, music, photography, paintings; I latched onto the narrative aspects in each one and was left spellbound by the unique reactions they produced. It wasn’t long before I discovered that movies encompassed all of these elements and I still believe that film is the most versatile of all mediums.

Whether the project is personal or professional, it always comes back to one thing: story. My job and my passion is to find the most engaging and accessible way to tell it. Good art entertains and if we’re lucky, enlightens. But great art taps into all the indefinable emotions and sensations our limited language could never possibly articulate. That’s what film can be. It’s the 27th Letter. And it’s what I’ve relentlessly aspired to communicate from the moment I held my first camera.

It’s all about the work that resonates with you. Maybe you’re here looking for it. Maybe you want help creating it.

I would love nothing more than the chance to help in either regard.

I’m glad you found your way here because whether you love telling stories or just want to hear a good one, we have a lot in common.