Interview Footage

So here’s the deal – a UK based online entertainment magazine called Inside Report interviewed me about “Batman: Black & White” for a fan film special they put together. Evidently, their site no longer exists.  Which is a bummer because there was no way to download the finished episode. I’ve attempted to try and track it down but so far my efforts have been in vain. If by chance anyone knows how to get in touch with someone who worked on that program, please let me know.

That’s the bad news. The good news (sort of) is that because of that pesky ocean between us, they just sent me a list of questions which I recorded my answers to.  I still have that raw footage and that is what you’ll find below.

A couple of things: I never expected this to be shown in its entirety. It’s 20 min. and I always knew they were just going to pick and choose the bits they wanted. I don’t honestly believe there’s anyone who’s that interested in anything I have to say. I considered re-cutting this into my own behind-the-scenes featurette the way Inside Report did, but to be honest that would be a really time consuming endeavor and we have other projects we need to focus on.

So – if you never got a chance to check out that interview, feel free to skim through the footage. And yeah, I talk with my hands a lot. I’m half-Italian. Fuggedaboutit.

UPDATE – So the

Inside Report site is apparently back up, but so far they only have a handful of old episodes available. I’m not sure if they’ll put the fan film special back up at some point. If they do, I’ll add it back here.

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