Field Trip #2: Scooby-Doo

Hop in your mystery machine, and tie your ascot tight! The Sunnydale Stacks is headed to Spooky Island to investigate the case of the Spring Break Body Snatchers!

In this 2002 adaptation of the classic children's cartoon, two years after the members of Mystery Inc call it quits, they're each called to the popular Spooky Island by the mysterious Emile Montavarious. His resort-goers are transforming from run-of-the-mill partiers to zombie-like pod-people given to violent outbursts. Will the gang overcome their differences to solve the mystery? 

Kristen and Mike discuss the choice to mix nostalgic call-backs with meta references to the world outside the show. And we debate the ever-controversial topic: Scrappy Doo.

PLUS!  We answer Stacker Megan's question: What role would you play in the Buffy-verse?

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