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The dynamic duo is no more. The last Robin, Tim Drake, has become a detective for the GCPD and is working feverishly to bring down Rupert Thorne’s criminal syndicate. Lately, he’s been getting some help from an unexpected ally… Selina Kyle. Even still, their efforts have not had a devastating enough impact on the operation.

Then the murders begin. Members of Thorne’s hit squad are being butchered by a mysterious serial killer. The evidence points towards Batman. Now, the Dark Knight must put his strained relationships with Tim & Selina aside so that the three of them can track down the real killer. But each has their own idea of justice and their own ulterior motives.

The deeper their investigation goes, the more they begin to blur the lines between good & evil, right & wrong, and black & white…

Writer/Director: Christopher Schrader

Cast: Charlie Kierscht, Dan Krall, Renee Domenz, John Cavallino, Josh Odor, Harold Dennis, Scott Moulton, Ryan Matthew Ziegler, Grace McPhillips, Bryan Bosque, Emma Harris, Bruce Spielbauer, Ayman Samman, Adam Kander, Kristen Ann Wenke, Lorraine Donnell, Donna Ray, Jericho Rain

Run Time: 72:09 min.

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