27th Letter began as an online portfolio for my video production work, but it has evolved into so much more. It's now the hub for a wide variety of creative endeavors including short films, web series, podcasts, artwork, and more.

Above all else, I just love telling stories. The most rewarding part of how all of this has expanded is the opportunity to do that in so many different mediums.

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Kristen Schrader

I joined the 27th Letter team when I met Chris in 2006 and we’ve been collaborating on projects together ever since. In addition to on-camera acting, I try to help out wherever I can with props, makeup, logistics, and moral support.

In my spare time I love to run, sing musical theater to an empty room, play with our cat, read historical fiction novels, and paint as often as possible.

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Mike Krystosek

I became part of the 27th Letter team after a bit of a chance conversation at a Halloween party. I was a pumpkin. Since then I have been happily pitching in when I am able. 

I am not on social media but not antisocial. Outside of the digital realm I enjoy tabletop gaming, especially MTG, going to the movies and performing in live theater. Some frequent theatrical collaborators include Old World Theater Company and The Artistic Home

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