Finding music for The Surprise Party soundtrack was about so much more than reaching out to anyone I knew that just happened to be a musician. I solicited music from a number of artists and hunted down a few on my own as well. In the end, I narrowed my list down to the songs that really resonated with me – the ones I felt compelled to play over and over and over again.

Landon Keller, Micky Johns, and Blane Fonda represent some of the best music I’ve ever heard come out of our local scene and I hope that the film inspires you to give each of them a closer look. In the interest of full disclosure, Deprivation Theory is my old band and the song “Dark Tomorrow” was originally intended only to be a temp track until I found something else to take its place. For one reason or another, it just stayed in.

That song is available to download for no charge and Micky Johns has allowed his song “Dearest” to be downloaded as well. You’ll find links to the other artists websites below as well as information on where their work appears in the film.

Landon Keller – “Bonnarah”
The first song that plays at the party.

Micky Johns – “Dearest”
Heard when Ty is showing off his new phone.

Blane Fonda – “Salacious Love”
The song playing when Nick arrives.

Deprivation Theory – “Dark Tomorrow”
The last song before Natalie leaves to get Jacob.

In addition to these tracks, you can also download the music composed for the film's score :

1. Natalie & Nick (:56)

2. Jacob Knows (2:08)

3. He’s Not Outside (3:27)

4. Jackie (4:28)

5. Down The Hall (4:12)

6. Aftermath (1:41)

7. Tonight I’ll Take Her From You (3:26)

8. End Credits (3:31)

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